Multiple websites, one system

You have different sites for your target groups? An intranet for your colleagues? An Extranet for your partners? ZOOLU allows you to handle them all in one!

Media management easy made

ZOOLU keeps it simple: Upload and manage your pictures, documents and videos in one place. Fully automated image editing and multi-language media titles included.

Zoolu Features
Style your content

Use template to easily design your pages. The integrated rich-text-editor offers you all your favourite office applications for editing your content.

Keep your website under control

Change your content directly and without any delay. Want to test before publishing? No problem with the integrated „test mode“.


The multi portal support allows you to create as many websites as you like on one centralised CMS. Each portal gets it's own individual content and appearance.

Multi-tenancy enables you to use one server, that serves multiple client organisations.

ZOOLU is designed to meet the requirements of an international audience and provides a full framework to create a multi-lingual website.

Easy administration

ZOOLU allows you to administrate your content in a web-based interface which is structured logically and consistently - there is no easier way for creating, editing and navigating content. You get everything you want from a modern CMS:

  • Templating
  • Smart overview pages
  • Version control
  • Internal & external linking
  • Widget & Plug-In Architecture
Media management

ZOOLU keeps it simple: There is one data management for uploading, editing and sorting your pictures, documents and videos with fully automated image editing.

Media manipulations operate cross-plattform. Replacing or renaming a media asset changes it everywhere it‘s used!

API support

Integrate what you need for your business. Get your product information from an ERP system such as SAP® or Microsoft® Dynamics. Or link your online community to your existing CRM solution. The clever architecture of ZOOLU makes data integration easy, affordable and effective.

SEO optimization

ZOOLU creates SEO optimised pages by using standard information such as meta tags, page titles and custom URLs. Additionally it is possible to use micro formats to extend the accessibility for search robots.

Web 2.0

ZOOLU makes it easy to be connected. Get your data from other services such as YouTube®, Facebook® or Twitter®. Or do it the other way round: Send your latest news to social networks and keep your audience up to date! Many common APIs are already implemented.

ZOOLU is based on state of the art technology:
Zend Framework
Lucene PHP
Apache Webserver